What is the Inbody body composition analysis for health assessments?

The LAK MedSpa of Wayzata, Minnesota, team is pleased to work with patients in and around the area looking to improve health and fitness. With a specialized monitoring and evaluation device called the Inbody Assessment, we can watch patients over time as they improve their bodies. Reaching health and fitness goals by monitoring progress with the Inbody body composition analysis provides more information than an evaluation alone. Drs. Lisa and Mark Erhard of LAK MedSpa can talk to you about ways to keep an eye on your journey from day one!

What is the Inbody Assessment?

The Inbody Assessment device gives patients a complete biometric analysis of their BMI, height, weight, and body composition. This information is invaluable for understanding one’s overall health and wellness. This particular testing process takes just a few minutes in our office and is non-invasive.

How often should I have an Inbody Assessment?

Drs. Erhard work with patients to help them determine their goals and decide how the Inbody Assessment can be used to monitor progress. Patients who are increasing exercise activity, improving nutrition, and have goals to lose weight or add muscle can use these assessments as a tool to achieve results. Many individuals benefit from weekly assessments to reach their health and fitness goals.

What are the benefits of the Inbody body composition analysis device?

  • Provides an accurate and comprehensive breakdown of body composition, including fat mass, muscle mass, and water weight.
  • Tracks progress over time, making it an incredibly useful tool for those looking to lose weight or build muscle.
  • It is a non-invasive and quick process, taking only a few minutes at LAK MedSpa.
  • It helps healthcare professionals monitor patient’s overall health and wellness.

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